April’s Long List of Security Breaches

I saw an article last week that questioned why so many tragic events appear to happen in April.

As I caught a news story today, I also thought that April — at least this particular April — has been a difficult time for IT security. It seems like we’ve been inundated with security breaches that either happened or were announced this month.

The biggest breach story of April was the Epsilon breach. Well, the biggest in terms of how many people it has touched or will likely touch.

Then came the Amazon security breach. And now headlining the news, of course, is the breach of Sony’s PlayStation gaming system.

And if that’s not enough, Yahoo Sports reported that New York Yankees season ticket holders’ information has been breached:

Someone in the Yankees front office unwittingly unleashed a spreadsheet containing the names, account numbers, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of every single current non-premium season ticket holder — 21, 466 names in all — to a select list of recipients. The spreadsheet was an attachment to an email and has since spread all over the web. 

Now, the article I read about April tragedies said it is likely just a coincidence that so many high-profile, bad things happen during this particular month. It is probably the same for all of these high-profile breaches. They all were caused by different issues — an outside hack, an inside mistake, failure to enforce solid security methods — but they all have had the same result. Millions of customers now have to worry about the well-being of their personal information and will likely lose faith in a business they once trusted.

The one silver lining is that April is nearing an end. Here’s hoping that May is a more secure, safer month.


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