Blue Coat Offers Cloud Security Platform for SMBs

Blue Coat has introduced a cloud-based security platform aimed at small businesses struggling to protect their systems from online threats.

According to InformationWeek, the subscription service monitors and manages a company’s Web traffic, regardless of whether users are in the office or accessing internal systems remotely. As the article explains:

Blue Coat directs all of a customer’s Web requests to its own servers. When Blue Coat’s systems identify potential threats such as malware, it won’t deliver the content to the end user.

The service also offers anti-virus protection, as well as policy-based Web monitoring to allow managers to set up rules governing what users can – and can’t – do on their network.

Pricing varies based on the total number of users, but runs about $20 per user, per year on average. Larger clients can get the price down to about $12.

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