Burglars Used Facebook Status to Target Homes?

FoxNews.com reports that three suspects have been arrested for using Facebook to target and burglarize dozens of homes in the Nashua, Mass. area.

Mario Rojas, Leonardo Barroso, and Victor Rodriguez allegedly stole as much as $200,000 in personal property and goods, reports TG Daily. Officials had a hard time connecting the burglaries, until they discovered that right before they were robbed, every single victim posted a Facebook status announcing they were going away on vacation or business and wouldn’t be home for days.

PCMag.com says Facebook is denying that there’s any connection between the burglaries and its social networking platform:

We’ve been in contact with the Nashua police, and they confirmed that they while they have an ongoing investigation and have already made a number of arrests, the only Facebook link was that one of those arrested had a Facebook friend who posted about leaving town in the near future (which is why they believe that home was targeted) and it had nothing to do with Facebook Places.

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