CA Plugs Widespread Remote Hole

A number of serious vulnerabilities in a Computer Associates license management tool has rendered users on a number of platforms vulnerable to remote attackers.

According to statements from CA and several security firms, the CA License Client and Server software, which handles remote management and registration of software licenses, contains mulitple buffer overflow vulnerabilities. Exploited by attackers, the vulnerabilities could allow for the execution of malicious code on an affected system. The software is shipped with almost every CA product. Though the server component is usually disabled, the client component is not.

CA has responded to the problem by issuing an advisory and a series of patches that cover many platforms, including AIX, DEC, HP-UX, Linux Intel, Linux s/390, Solaris, Windows, and Macintosh. According to CA, affected versions of the software include versions 1.53 through 1.61.8.

“It is absolutely imperative that administrators scan their networks to identity vulnerable systems and take corrective actions,” said Firas Raouf, chief operating officer of eEye Digital Security, which reported on the vulnerability. “The remotely executable nature of this threat, combined with the broad array of platforms it affects, makes this a high priority for enterprises.”

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