Cellcrypt Secures Calling to Android Phones

Now Android users can take advantage of Cellcrypt’s encrypted voice calling application, according to V3.co.uk. Cellcrypt Mobile for Android, which is available immediately, sets up an encrypted VoIP session between handsets equipped with the software, but the process is as simple as placing a normal phone call.

In a press release, Cellcrypt explains the importance of such an application:

Cellular voice interception is different from other types of data breach … with voice, a successful interception can leave no physical trace so there is little chance of realizing your data has actually been intercepted resulting in disastrous consequences. If you can compromise a cell phone then you are more or less assured that you can collect the most relevant, current and damaging data possible about a user, their business or their private life. By supporting Android devices, Cellcrypt is providing enhanced security for one of the world’s most popular mobile platforms.

Users can rest assured that Cellcrypt Mobile uses encryption certified to the National Institute of Standards and Technology FIPS 140-2 security standards. Cellcrypt, which already supports Nokia and BlackBerry devices, offers licensing for $1,500 per user per year.

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