Comcast Homepage Hackers Indicted

One hacked email address led to the defacement of Comcast’s homepage.

When the hackers called Comcast’s technical contact to let them know all 200 Comcast domain names and Comcast homepage were vulnerable, he hung up on them.

It has not been disclosed how the email was compromised, but there are many ways it could be.

Wired/CNN reports as described in the indictment, the hackers got control of the domain with two phone calls, and an e-mail was sent to the company’s domain registrar, Network Solutions, from a hacked Comcast e-mail account.

That gave them entry to the Network Solutions control panel for Comcast’s 200 domains, according to the indictment.

The hackers ages 19 and 20 at the time known as Defiant and EBK from a group calling themselves Kryogeniks scrawled “KRYOGENIKS EBK and DEFIANT RoXed COMCAST sHouTz To VIRUS Warlock elul21 coll1er seven.”

Across Comcasts homepage after they were rebuffed by Comcasts tech admin.

Where they screwed up during their stunt was when they changed the contact information for the domain to Defiant’s e-mail address.

Brilliant hackers yet not so smart.

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