Core Announces Mobile Security Test Software for Enterprise Networks

Core Security Technologies has announced a new version of its security test and measurement solution. New features in Core Impact Pro v12 are designed to meet the demands of enterprises to lock down their mobile infrastructures.

“Core Impact Pro v12 significantly advances the use of the community-developed Metasploit Framework through one-of-a-kind features that meet strict enterprise requirements for effective use of open-source exploits,” said Core Security Technologies.

Core Impact Pro v12 penetration testing software can safely replicate sophisticated real-world attacks against popular smart phones. The solution pinpoints security exposures in Android, BlackBerry and iPhone mobile devices to help prevent the theft and compromise of sensitive enterprise data accessible deeply within them — including phone call and SMS information, contacts, and GPS location data.

“While a rapidly increasing amount of employees want to use the mobile device of their choice to access corporate email, applications, and data, IT staff need to know the security risks posed by every device they grant access to networked resources,” said Chris Hazelton, Research Director, Mobile and Wireless, at the 451 Group. “71.2% of US companies allow employees to connect their own mobile devices. This creates a rapid and ever changing environment, so it is critical that IT staff put tools in place to determine the specific risks that a mobile device can introduce to a secured network and what needs to be done in order to prevent a breach.”

The new version of Core Impact Pro offers support for IPv6 environments, assessment capabilities for all OWASP Top Ten web application vulnerabilities, and also establishes VPN pivots on Windows and Linux systems.


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