DigitalThink Introduces Security & Diaster Protection Courseware

Most network managers have recently found themselves in the position of rethinking (or at least justifying) their safety and security procedures, not the least of which is having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. (For a guideline, see our article, Establish a Bullet-Proof Security Policy.)

To assist companies in achieving this priority, DigitalThink, Inc. is introducing new courseware and a Workforce Development Performance Solution covering the critical aspects of Security & Disaster Protection in the Workplace.

DigitalThink offers a scalable ‘E-Learning Platform’, for enterprise and distance learning purposes. Their latest offering features new and existing courses from its catalog of courseware, a key part of which is a new Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) compliant curriculum, and also draws from its Workforce Development Performance Solutions. The courseware covers everything from “Protecting Your Workplace” to “Emergency Action Planning” to “Hazard Communication,” and can be fully customized for individual customers to meet business-specific or industry-specific needs.

DigitalThink Change Acceleration — one of five Workforce Development Performance Solutions — is a custom-tailored offering that helps companies to quickly create training that covers new policies, practices or procedures and changes in security protocol and also to deal with crisis communications demands across an extended enterprise. DigitalThink asserts that Change Acceleration can be achieved effectively, efficiently, at a low overall cost and measurable results.

Security & Disaster Protection in the Workplace also covers a full range of security training for IT administrators, including “Implementing Disaster Protection and Terminal Services,” “Backup and Recovery Options and Methods” and “Network Security and Firewalls Fundamentals.”

“The world has changed in recent months, and DigitalThink understands it has a role to play in helping businesses around the world make appropriate plans and provide adequate employee training to prepare for disasters and disaster recovery in the workplace,” said Mike Lodato, vice president for market development at DigitalThink.

All DigitalThink e-learning solutions are powered by the DigitalThink E-Learning Platform, which includes the DigitalThink Learning Environment, Learning Management, Reporting & Analysis and Enterprise Gateway — a fully standards-compliant API that allows seamless data sharing across enterprise applications. Because the E-Learning Platform has a powerful data warehouse on the back end, administrators seeking to deploy a workplace safety and security training program can track and report down to individual levels how well learners are performing and ultimately certify knowledge transfer throughout the enterprise.

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