F5 Secures Network ADC Market with New Hardware and Firewall

F5 is refreshing its lineup of Application Delivery Controllers with new hardware from the entry-level to the top end of the portfolio. A new Application Firewall is also being added to the mix to further expand the F5 solution set.

On the hardware front, the big iron of the refresh is the VIPRION 4800 chassis, which can deliver 160 Gbps of SSL throughput and 20 million requests per second.

“The VIPRION 4800 is a new class of system with an 8 blade chassis,” Alex Rublowsky, Director, Product Marketing at F5, told Enterprise Networking Planet. “So it gives you the ability and grow your environment.”

While the VIPRION 4800 is the biggest box of the F5 refresh, the new BIG-IP 2000 appliance is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Rublowsky said that the 2000 series is the entry point hardware for F5, but that doesn’t mean the equipment is being short-changed. The BIG-IP 2000 has 10 GbE Ethernet port with dual-power sources. Additionally F5 is including SSL and compression capabilities as well in the 2000 series.

“We’re giving people access to more advanced capabilities at our entry level so they don’t have to buy up the platform lineup to get access,” Rublowsky said.


In addition to the new hardware, F5 is debuting its BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager solution. The new Firewall is an evolution of technologythat F5 first started talking about a year ago.

Brian Lazear, Sr. Director of Product Management for Security at F5 told EnterpriseNetworkingPlanetthat his company has invested in research and development to bring the new firewall to market.

“When we first announced this it was a framework discussion,” Lazear said. “Over the last year we created a purpose built product and it has its own dedicated interface for customers to configure rule sets and profiles.”

Lazear added that the Advanced Firewall Manager also provides dedicated logging capabilities as well. The Firewall Manager is a software product and can be enabled to run on the modern set of BIG-IP and VIPRION ADCs.

In terms of where F5 is able to get rules and threat intelligence to help feed the new Firewall solution Lazear said that F5 has, OEM partners. Rules can also be created manually by ADC administrators.

“We have some rules components that are automatic and some that are manual,” Lazear said.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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