Federal Employee Takes Plea in Snoop Job

A former systems auditor for the Department of Education (DoE) pleaded guilty Wednesday to unauthorized access of a protected computer.

Kenneth Kwak, 34, placed software on his supervisor’s computer that allowed him to view the supervisor’s e-mail and other Internet activities.

He shared the communications with others, but according to the Department of Justice, there is no indication he financially profited from his action.

Kwak faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. A sentencing date has been set for May 12.

“This case is an example of our zero-tolerance approach to public corruption and computer hacking,” U.S. Attorney Kenneth L. Wainstein said in a statement.

According to a statement of facts filed with the guilty plea, Kwak was a system auditor working on federal information security management audits as a member of the DoE’s Office of Inspector General.

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