HP Networking: Security

At the core of that lineup is HP TippingPoint which includes hardware, research and services.

On the hardware side, HP has a complete lineup of intrusion prevention systems (IPS) appliance that include technologies from both Procurve and TippingPoint. At the top end of the spectrum is the TippingPoint S6100 IPS, which is a 16 Gbps IPS device introduced in May of 2011 as component of HP’s FlexNetworking architecture.

Going deeper than just IPS, HP’s Digital Vaccine Labs (DVLabs) is one of the leading security research groups on Earth. Among their efforts is something know as the zero day initiative that pays security researchers for their vulnerability research. That research is then used to pro-actively protect HP customers, while the affected vendors are given the information to create a public patch.

ZDI also sponsors the annual pwn2own contest which challenges security researchers in a live event to find Web browser vulnerabilities.

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