Imperva Offers Threat Predictions for 2011

It’s that time of year again, when security firms begin releasing their predictions for next year’s threats.

According to, Imperva has just offered up its threat forecast for 2011. Among Imperva’s key threats are state-sponsored hacking, man-in-the-browser and insider attacks.Imperva’s chief technology officer says:

I anticipate that the threat landscape will evolve in many directions, making data security more challenging than ever … Additionally, hacker activity will consolidate into a relatively small number of stronger, more powerful and resourceful criminal organizations.

On a positive note, Imperva predicted that social networks will finally start to take threats such as cross-site scripting attacks seriously, rolling out stronger authentication and account control features.

The Georgia Tech Information Security Center has also released its 2011 Emerging Cyber Threats Report, which says users can expect more trouble from botnets, attacks on pervasive devices and social networking and cyber security issues impacting physical systems.

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