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AcSys Biometrics Corp. and Newton, Pennsylvania-based, Graphco Technologies are pilot testing AcSys’ Face Recognition System (FRS) and G-TEC’s FaceTrac at a data center operated by Level 3 Communications. The project will demonstrate the added security delivered by facial biometrics in facility access control and surveillance.

FaceTrac is a broadly featured, readily customized, facial recognition software system that can be deployed across a variety of scalable platforms. This is an open system that can facilitate the use of any facial recognition engine enabling G-TEC to build customized solutions for any application. The system surrounds the entire application in a secure network assuring the user the highest levels of data security while still facilitating remote access.

G-TEC established its market presence by deploying FaceTrac, their facial recognition biometric surveillance, at the professional football championship game held at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida in January 2001.

Level 3 is an international communications company. Its data centers, or Gateways, serve as portals to its international IP-based network and are designed to provide a secure environment in which their customers can physically locate equipment to directly access the network, the public Internet or interconnect with other carriers. The Gateways also house the company’s own transmission equipment.

The entrance and key controlled-access spaces in the data center have video screening that will allow AcSys FRS and FaceTrac systems to verify the identity of authorized personnel and alert facility security to unauthorized intruders. Access control at Level 3 data centers has included palm geometry readers, providing biometric verification for customers and employees to enter. CCTV equipped with AcSys FRS and FaceTrac tied into the security management system would enhance the ability to detect unauthorized personnel, should they gain access to the facility.

AcSys Biometrics is a provider of neural technology that is biomimetic – emulating the analytical processes of the human mind. AcSys Biometrics owns the exclusive worldwide Holographic/Quantum Neural Technology (HNeT) license for face recognition applications.

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