Infinity Technology Services Releases High Speed IDS

Infinity Technology Services has announced shipment of the INDESYS
Network Intrusion Detection System. The company says the product is
capable of full duplex capture at 100Mbps.

Components of the INDESYS package include:

  • INDESYS sensors: hardware appliances designed to monitor network
    traffic. The 1u form-factor units are built around Pentium III 1.26Ghz processors
    with 512MB of RAM.

  • the INDESYS Management
    Server, a Linux-based application that manages collected data from
    multiple sensors.

  • The Operator Console, a Windows 2000-based application capable
    of monitoring multiple sensors.

Features listed by ITS include:

  • Fast-Ethernet (wire speed) full duplex data capture at
    100Mbps. Wire speed capture means that packets are captured at the
    network interface physical media speed. On Fast Ethernet, this
    translates to 100Mbps, without dropping or losing any packets.

  • The sensor makes use of two (2) data capture interfaces,
    allowing a few options as to the integration to the network being
    monitored. The sensor supports:

    • A single interface connected to a network switch configured to
      provide port mirroring

    • Two interfaces connected to separate network switches configured to
      provide port mirroring

    • Two interfaces connected to a load server balancing switch
    • Two interfaces connected to a TAP (Test Access Port).
  • Fragmented packets are re-assembled and scanned to ensure that no
    malicious activity is occurring on the network

INDESYS is offered in two different versions:

  • INDESYS 100 provides a max throughput of up to 200

  • Infinity plans to release INDESYS 1000 in early July. The
    company reports this model will
    provide a max throughput of up to 2 Gbps.

System requirements for the Management Server Platform (IMS) are a Pentium
III 700Mhz class processor or better, 128MB of RAM, a 60GB SCSI hard
drive or larger, and the Linux operating system. The Operator
Console requires a 700MHz Pentium III or better with 512MB RAM.

Additional information may be found at Infinity’s web

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