Juniper Upgrades SRX5000 Security Gateways

Juniper is increasing the capabilities of its SRX security services gateway with a product platform refresh.

Jennifer Blatnik, vice president of cloud marketing at Juniper, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that Juniper is introducing third generation hardware improvements into the entire SRX5000 line, including the SRX5400, SRX5600 and SRX5800 Services Gateways. The improvements include enhanced midplane and improved System Control Board (SCB3) in addition to the third generation IOC (IOC3).

One of the capabilities debuting on the new hardware is Juniper Express Path software. Blatnik noted that Juniper first announced Express Path at her company’s Innovation Showcase in March.

“This is a software-based optimization available on the next generation of IOC hardware [IOC, IOC2 and IOC3],” Blatnik said. “It builds on the first generation of Services Offload technology that was available on previous generations of cards for the high end SRX Series. “

Blatnik added that Express Path on the next generation of IOC cards enables much higher levels of throughput and lower latencies than were possible with services offloading. In addition, Express Path brings new capabilities such as single, high bandwidth flows of 40G and 100G, which allows the SRX5000 series to be deployed in Science DMZ scenarios that require very high-speed transfers of large amounts of data (i.e. small number of sessions, very large flows).

Express Path isn’t the only new piece of software for Juniper SRX. The core JUNOS operating system is also being updated. Blatnik said that the new Junos release will provide support for the SRX5000 series, including support for the new IOC3 line card and Express Path on the IOC3 card.

The SRX platform includes multiple next generation security capabilities including AppSecure (application visibility and control), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), UTM (Unified Threat Management), and threat intelligence.

“These layered services are included in the system at the time of shipment, ready to be activated as needed,” Blatnik said. “Subscription licenses are required for these advanced services.”

Going a step further, the SRX continues benefits from Juniper’s Spotlight Security technology, which is a key component of Juniper’s open threat intelligence service in the cloud.

“Spotlight Secure is integrated with Junos Security Director for distribution of threat intelligence directly to the SRX Series in the network, enabling dynamic enforcement at the edge,” Blatnik said.”Security Director is the central management system, a single point of control in the network for managing all security policies and threat intelligence across physical and virtual SRX firewalls.”

Blatnik added that Spotlight Secure was enhanced late last year to include support for third-party and customer-provided threat intelligence, and scales to support up to 1 million threat entries in the SRX5800.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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