Lifelock CEO Victim of Identity Theft 13 Times, According to Report

According to a Phoenix New Times article, Lifelock CEO Todd Davis has been the victim of identity theft at least 13 times.

In 2006, Davis plastered his Social Security number on billboards and TV commercials in an effort to promote his company’s credit monitoring services. Then in June 2007, a Texas man used Davis’ ID to take out a $500 loan. The thefts didn’t stop there. Davis’ identity was used to open an AT&T wireless account, an account with Centerpoint Energy, one for USA Savings Bank and a Gap credit card, just to name a few.

Computerworld says Davis claims some of the successful attempts were “not true identity thefts,” but, rather “false entries on my credit file to people with similar names but different addresses — clearly, not me.”

The New Times article sums it up:

Davis’ personal ID hasn’t been merely abused since he began advertising his SSN — it’s been gang-raped.

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