Panda: Malware Samples up 26 Percent

Security firm PandaLabs says new malware is appearing at an average of 73,000 per day, up 26 percent from the same period last year. reports that Trojans were by far the most popular, making up 70 percent of all malware, followed by viruses and worms.

Not only is malware more plentiful, but the tools are becoming easier to operate. Says PandaLabs Director Luis Corrons:

The proliferation of online tools that enable non-technical people to create Trojans in minutes and quickly set up illegal business, especially when it can provide access to banking details, is responsible for Trojans’ impressive growth.

Some are trying to make a dent in malware. Microsoft recently announced that its Malicious Software Removal Tool tackles Renocide, one of the biggest malware families in circulation.

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