SMBs Playing Catch Up When It Comes to Security

At the beginning of the year, a Forrester report stated that SMBs planned to increase security spending in 2010.  That was universally hailed as positive news, as Paul Mah wrote back in February:

Studies have repeatedly concluded that SMBs are seriously lacking in this area, so any attempt to shore up security must surely come as good news.  Indeed, the importance of robust security cannot be overstated, especially when search giant Google and a number of large corporations recently have admitted that they were subjected to what appear to be government-sponsored hacking attempts.

However, as we head into the last months of 2010, it appears that SMB security efforts have a long way to go.  Panda Security released a survey that found 13 percent of SMBs don’t have any security in place and 23 percent don’t have anti-malware software.  Perhaps, then, it isn’t a surprise that 46 percent of SMBs have been infected with malware in the past year.

During a recent conversation I had with Perimeter’s CEO, Tim Harvey, he told me that one of the biggest challenges facing SMBs is the lack of expertise in-house to manage security issues, and this appears to fit in with the survey results.  Seeing that the survey, which tallied 10,000 companies worldwide and 1500 in the U.S., found the biggest consequence of a malware infection was loss of productivity and time — not to mention the bigger risk of data loss — I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more emphasis on improving security efforts in 2011 outlook reports.

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