Symantec Fights Malware with Ubiquity

Computer Business Review reports that Symantec has harnessed the collective intelligence of its participating customers to develop new security software called Ubiquity.

The new release combines data analyzed from the PCs of Symantec customers with Symantec’s own Global Intelligence Network to derive an accurate safety rating for single software files. Symantec boasts that Ubiquity is faster at antivirus scanning than traditional scanners because it looks at only those files identified as risky.

CNET News quotes Symantec’s Stephen Trilling as saying:

By harnessing the anonymous software usage patterns of more than one hundred million customers, Ubiquity allows Symantec to compute a unique safety rating for virtually every software application on the Internet … This gives us the ability to protect our customers against targeted, mutated malware that would otherwise evade traditional virus fingerprints.

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