Top 10 Posts in Cyber Criminal Organizations, According to the FBI

Computerworld reports that according to Steven Chabinsky, deputy assistant director in the FBI’s cyber division, criminal hacker organizations are increasingly operating like corporations, staffed by experts with specific jobs. Chabinsky says:

The cyber underground now consist of subject matter experts that can focus all their time and energy on improving their techniques, their goods and services.

The top 10 positions in cyber criminal organizations, according to Chabinsky, are:


  1. Coders/programmers — write exploits and malware
  2. Distributors — trade and sell stolen data
  3. Tech experts — maintain IT infrastructure
  4. Hackers — search for and exploit applications
  5. Fraudsters — create and deploy various schemes
  6. Hosted systems providers — provide safe hosting of illicit content servers and sites
  7. Cashiers — control drop accounts
  8. Money Mules — complete wire transfers
  9. Tellers — transfer and launder illicitly gained proceeds
  10. Organized leaders — assemble the team and choose the targets


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