U.S. Proposes Post to Combat Cyber Crime Oversees

The alleged Chinese cyber attacks on Google has led the U.S. State Department and Capitol Hill to issue proposals to establish an ambassador-level cyber security post, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The State Department proposal would create a high-level cyber security position either reporting to a top State Department official or to a panel of representatives from the major department bureaus.

Meanwhile, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is drafting a proposal to create a similar post that would be an ambassador-type position that would be confirmed by the Senate. However, the committee has been talking with the State Department to determine whether the position should be mandated by law or left to the department to establish internally.

According to the article:

Another proposal gaining political momentum is a broader measure that would create a cyber post at the State Department and establish attach�s for cybersecurity in U.S. embassies. It would also require the administration to identify the countries that are havens for cybercrime and which ones are doing little to combat it.

The United States has already been beefing up cyber security efforts overseas. As we reported on our IT Business Edge site, the FBI has started to embed agents with law enforcement agencies in Estonia, the Ukraine and the Netherlands in an effort to catch cyber criminals.

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