Vendor Beefs Up Secure and Authenticated E-Mail

ProCaveo, formerly EcomXML, has announced a key feature of their AcceptX software that brings confirmed acceptance and delivery to email messages and attachments.

ProCaveo’s AcceptX is one of the latest products available in their GBE (Guaranteed Business Exchange) Suite. Released a few months ago, AcceptX software enables non-repudiation (proof of origin and receipt) and guarantees delivery and acceptance of information between businesses over the Internet. AcceptX is built on patented algorithms and processes that combine features of both conventional cryptography and Public Key Infrastructures (PKI). The product can incorporate a trusted third party (TTP) model, allowing businesses to enable transactional security and delivery end-to-end, with digital proof of acceptance and security.

The company asserts that since AcceptX is based on a PKI infrastructure and uses a TTP model, the product provides reliability equivalent to a notary service or certified mail in conventional business practices.

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