Veracode’s Securetest Service Gets Update

Veracode’s cloud-based Securetest service, which allows developers to look for known security and crash vulnerabilities, has received an update, according to

Developers can now upload applications automatically, as well as download line-of-code specific vulnerability identification and remediation instructions. A variety of programming environments are addressed by the service, including C++, Java, .NET, PHP and Cold Fusion.

Jon Stevenson, senior vice president of engineering at Veracode, boasts:

Veracode is changing the game for software development, destroying the myth that improving the security of every application is prohibitively slow, complicated and expensive.

Nigel Stanley, practice leader at Bloor Research, also praises the service:

By integrating cloud-based testing capabilities directly into tools that are part of a developer’s everyday life, Veracode is really completing the ‘last mile’ needed to deliver the advantages of static and dynamic cloud-based security testing into the on-premise development climate.

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