What the Month of Bugs Has Uncovered So Far

As I mentioned before, September is the  Month of Abysssec Undisclosed Bugs (MOAUB), where Abysssec is looking for and reporting on undisclosed zero-day exploits.

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After nine days, what has Abysssec found so far?

Quite a bit, unfortunately, particularly on Day 4, which required two blog postings to report everything. Overall, the MOAUB includes the following bugs (this is far from a comprehensive list):


  • an exploit in Apple Quick Time
  • an exploit in Microsoft Movie Maker
  • an exploit in HP Openview
  • exploits in Adobe Flash Player and Reader

A quick side note here: Adobe seems to be having its share of problems this month. Trend Micro also reported a zero-day exploit in Acrobat.

So far, I think the biggest takeaway in MOAUB is that no matter what software or OS you use, you can’t be lulled into thinking that you are 100 percent safe from exploits or attacks. 

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