Global Average Internet Connection Speed Nudges Upward to 4.5 Mbps

According to the latest Akamai State of the Internet report, broadband access speeds around the world got faster in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Globally, the average connection speed came in at 4.5 Mbps in the fourth quarter, for a 20 percent year-over-year gain. Once again, South Korea was the fastest nation, with an average connection speed of 22.2 Mbps for a year-over-year gain of 1.6 percent. The U.S placed 16th overall with an average connection speed of 11.1 Mbps, for a 15 percent year-over-year gain.

Going a level deeper, Akamai also takes a look at high-broadband penetration, which is defined as connections at or above 10 Mbps. In the fourth quarter, 24 percent of all global connections were at 10 Mbps or higher, for a 25 percent year-over-year gain. In the U.S, 39 percent of all connections to Akamai came in at 10 Mbps or higher, a 20 percent improvement over the fourth quarter of 2013.

Inside the U.S, the great state of Virginia was first in the nation in terms of average connection speed, coming in at 17.7 Mbps, for a 23 percent year-over-year gain. Delaware was second at 16.4 percent for a 33 percent yearly improvement.

Akamai also looks at mobile connection speeds which are also rising. In the U.S the average mobile connection speed in the fourth quarter was reported to be 3.2 Mbps.


The report also looks at IPv6 traffic that hits the Akamai network. For the fourth quarter of 2014, Belgium topped the list with 32 percent of IPv6 traffic, followed by Germany at 14 percent. The U.S. was in third place at 12 percent.

Looking inside the U.S. data, Verizon Wireless had the IPv6 request volume at 62 percent of traffic seen by Akamai. Comcast came in second at 29 percent and AT&T was third at 20 percent.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @Techjournalist.

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