ICANN Taking Applications for International Domains

ICANN is taking applications for domain names in non-Latin alphabets and hopes to approve a few early this year. While some have raised security issues around the potential for domain spoofing, the organization’s senior director for of IDNs says protective measures are in place at both the technical and procedural levels.

At some point in early 2010, the world will see the first full domain names in a
non-Latin based alphabet.

The first Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) for use as country-code top-level
domains (ccTLDs) are now being considered as part of the process begun in November by Internet
governance organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

The process by which IDNs for the ccTLDS will be granted by ICANN is now underway,
with the first applications submitted. It’s not yet clear which country or language will
be the first IDN, though each new IDN granted will represent a milestone for the language
and country represented. While some have raised concerns over the safety of IDNs, ICANN
is taking steps to minimize any potential spoofing or phishing related risks.

“So far we have received 16 applications, and they are spread across six different
languages,” Tina Dam, senior director of IDNs at ICANN, told InternetNews.com.

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