Interop 2015: NBASE-T Alliance Demos 2.5 and 5 Gbps Ethernet [VIDEO]

LAS VEGAS. In October of 2014, the NBASE-T Alliance was formally announced, with its goal of pushing forward new 2.5 and 5 Gbps Ethernet speeds.

At the Interop show here, Kamal Dalmia, NBASE–T Alliance president, and Peter Jones, NBASE–T Alliance chairman, demonstrated for Enterprise Networking Planet the interoperable reality of the new Ethernet speeds.

In a tour of the NBASE-T booth at Interop, switches from multiple vendors were all shown to be working at the new 2.5 and 5 Gbps speeds in an interoperable way.

“What we’re doing in the booth is showing all three cable types [Cat 5e/6/6a] and show the entire ecosystem coming together,” Dalmia said.

Watch the full video on NBASE-T Alliance below:

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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