A Fresh Look at the IP Communications Market for SMBs

“My colleague Alaa Saayed recently published Frost & Sullivan’s latest research on the SMB market for premises-based IP telephony solutions. He estimates that there are about 55 million Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) around the world, with a total estimated workforce of about 3 billion people. Out of these, Frost & Sullivan estimates that only about 9.6 million business establishments (7.4 million firms and 2.2 million branches) belong to the carpeted-office category (i.e., excluding construction, manufacturing, retail and other non-office environments) that have business (versus residential) telephony lines,” writes F&S analyst Melanie Turek on the No Jitter blog.

“Most of these small and medium-size businesses are just emerging from the turbulent waters of the global recession. Many of them have never been able to afford advanced communications solutions, and most put all their IT and communications spending on hold during the past few years. With the first signs of economic recovery, these SMBs will start evaluating new communications infrastructure and applications to gain a competitive advantage,” Turek writes.

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Frost & Sullivan on the SMB Market for Premises-Based IP Communications

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