A new(-ish) face in the tele-collaboration space.

“So, who is Magor Communications, and what is TeleCollaboration? Magor has been in the market now for a year, and is a branch on the Terry Matthews/Wesley Clover tree. These reference points are well known in Canada, and if that doesn’t register, just think Mitel. We all know Mitel in this space, and being a more established branch of this tree, the companies are cousins, and they work together when needed,” writes telecom analyst Jon Arnold on UCStrategies.com.

“While Magor provides the video element for Mitel, they seem to be doing just fine as a standalone operation. Evidence of that can be seen in three announcements that are going public today. I happened to get a jump start on this among other analysts, and with that, UCStrategies is pretty much first to market with this analysis,” Arnold writes.

Follow the link below to read the full article:
Magor Communications – Another Approach to Collaboration – and UC

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