AdventNet Management Solution Now Supports H.323 Signaling

Late last month, Enterprise VoIPplanet published a profile of AdventNet’s ManageEngine VQManager as part of our ongoing Healthy VoIP Nets series. This week AdventNet announced version 6.1 of the network management suite—including a major addition: support for the “legacy” H.323 signaling protocol.

Earlier versions of the suite—which provides performance monitoring along with management alerts, and reporting for VoIP networks—managed deployments using SIP and Cisco SCCP (known as “Skinny), but not the older H.323, which is the earliest signaling protocol used for multimedia communications over IP-based networks.

In doing so, ManageEngine VQManager increases its range of compatibility with VoIP equipment of many vendors, bringing multi-vendor support with a single management interface.

According to the company, VQManager now supports VoIP systems from vendors such as Cisco, Asterisk, 3Com, Avaya, Grandstream, 3CX, and Polycom—along many others who support SIP, SCCP, or H.323.

“Enterprises today are spoilt for choice by the many players selling low-cost VoIP equipment,” said VQManager product manager Sridhar Iyengar. “Unfortunately, this is not the case in VoIP monitoring and analysis solutions. Apart from being expensive, most monitoring solutions are very vendor- or equipment specific.” What VQManager brings to the table is simple, cost-effective, vendor-neutral monitoring and troubleshooting over a single monitoring console,” he added.

ManageEngine VQManager provides network administrators with an intuitive graphical user interface with extensive drill-down options, to provide a complete understanding, correlation, and analysis of all VoIP call and QoS traffic. The software’s call-centric approach to VoIP monitoring tracks every attempted call, giving insights into Answer-to-Seizure Ration (ASR), VoIP traffic trends, call quality trends, bandwidth utilization and overall VoIP network health.

For a more detailed description of the VQManager, see our profile.

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