Allied Telesyn Certifies with MetaSwitch

Networking equipment provider Allied Telesyn recently announced that it has achieved interoperability certification with IMS vendor MetaSwitch.

The new joint solution offers the promise to service providers of access to POTS from VoIP without the need for an additional TDM/IP gateway.

On the Allied Telesyn side of certification is the iMAP 9000 series Release 7.0 carrier grade IP Access platform. The iMAP platform supports POTS interfaces and converts POTS traffic to VoIP. In combination with MetaSwitch’s class 4/5 switching solutions, Allied Telesyn claims that it has created a multi-service IP delivery system that allows service providers to simply replace Class 4/5 central office voice switches with a lower cost and future-proof VoIP solution.

The joint solution also enables local calls, that is calls that originate and terminate on the same access network to remain within the same network. The MetaSwitch media gateway control protocol (MGCP)handles the call setup and teardown and features transmission, though the RTP traffic according to Allied Telesyn remains local to the last mile.

Allied Telesyn also claims that the joint solution will help to eliminate the need for TDM/IP gateways since the joint MetaSwitch solution allows core PSTN networks to easily migrate to end-to-end IP.

James Mustarde, Allied Telesyn’s vice president, marketing and business development explained that MetaSwitch’s IMS solutions were particularly attractive because they are scalable from hundreds to millions of subscribers. Allied Telesyn provides reliable, high-quality end-to-end networking gear to service providers seeking scalable options.

“In addition, Allied Telesyn views MetaSwitch as a softswitch supplier that shares the same VoIP evolution principles of promoting IP/Ethernet convergence farther into the local loop,” Mustarde told “We selected them because they are seen as a market leader with a technology base that is complementary to the iMAP and iMG product families.”

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