AOL Sued Over Voice Platform

Klausner Technologies has filed a $200 million patent infringement lawsuit
against America Online (AOL) over voice platform technology.

At issue are features that let subscribers receive visual notification of new voice messages and selectively retrieve messages from their displays.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Virginia, revolves around one patent. In all, Klausner, founded by inventor Judah Klausner, owns and licenses more
than 20 patents covering voice messages over the Internet, cellular or other
communication networks.

“Because of the fast-paced docket in the Eastern District of Virginia, we
expect a quick resolution of the matter and the prompt issuance of an
injunction that will stop AOL from using this patented technology,” Greg
Dovel, an attorney representing Klausner Technologies, said in a statement.

A spokeswoman for New York-based Klausner Technologies was not immediately available for comment.

Citing company policy, AOL spokesperson Nicholas J. Graham declined comment until the company has reviewed the complaint and reviewed its legal options.

Graham said Klausner Technologies has communicated with the ISP in the past,
but he declined to characterize the discussions.

AOL’s voice services platform includes AOL Voicemail, AOL Call Alert, AOL by Phone and AOL VoIP Internet Phone Service, which was launched in April.

With VoIP, the Dulles, Va., Internet arm of media giant Time Warner is looking to take advantage of its large subscriber base and reputation for making new technology easy to use, VOIP service in 44 U.S. markets.

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