App-Focused Mobile UC, the Next New Thing

Essentially, Wayne Rash’s very good post over at our CTO Edge site can be summed up pretty easily. The post, which summarizes a conversation he had with Dan Dearing, Trust Digital’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, says that the move to mobility is accelerating, and that the focus will be on the very specific applications folks want to use on these powerful machines.

That’s not to say that the entire post shouldn’t be read. It should, because it offers a tremendous amount of detail on the basic premise.

Unified communications and collaboration will fit into quite nicely into this quickly evolving world. For this to all happen smoothly, however, it’s important that planners and other managers recognize up front that the UC platform will be partially – even largely – mobile. The mobilization of UC, like the mobilization of other elements of the enterprise, require clear thinking and specialized treatment. This is particularly true of mobile UC security.

The upside is tremendous. One of the benefits of UC always was the ability to conference in Jack from HR or Eileen from accounting, even if he or she was on the road. The presence element can find them, whether they are on the train, in their car or have reached their destination.

The heavier firepower of devices and the increase in the choices of applications described in the CTO Edge post simply means that the possibilities will be more potent and business efficiencies greater. Apps specifically aimed at making UC-based communications easier and more productive will clearly drive the business. It’s already happening. For instance, on Monday, Avaya introduced the one-X Mobile Lite, a sister app to the one-X Mobile UC client.

At the end of the day, it seems that we have been through enough new things over the past decade to deal just fine with the app-focused mobilization of UC. Of course, this particular set of changes is singular and ambitious. The point is that the telecom and IT industry at this point are more accustomed to change itself. Having that mindset is half the battle.

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