AudioCodes Goes Hi-Def

HD or high-definition voice (see our definition) has been around for a while, but its widespread adoption may be just around the corner.

Enterprise has written about phones and other endpoints that support codecs (define) used in HD (aka ‘wideband’) IP voice transmissions, but Lod, Israel-based infrastructure provider AudioCodes this week announced its new high-definition strategy, centered around technology developments it is calling VoIPerfectHD.

Roughly speaking, HD voice technologies double the frequency range sampled, capturing both higher and lower sounds, as well as roughly doubling the sampling rate to achieve a much more detailed, nuanced, and accurate reproduction of human speech. If you’ve used Skype with a good headset, you’ve heard ‘the sound.’

AudioCodes is implementing VoIPerfectHD technology across a broad range of its infrastructure products, including its Multi-Service Business Gateways, Media Servers, Media Gateways, and DSP chips. Specific products identified as currently HD enabled include the Ipmedia™ 3000 Media Server, Mediant™ 3000 Media Gateway, Mediant™ 1000 MSBG and the Mediant family of Microsoft certified basic Hybrid Gateways. More will be announced in 2009.

The company anticipates that VoIPerfectHD will facilitate its entry into new markets “that will benefit from enhanced clarity and better speech intelligibility”—such as government, military, health, telemedicine, and education. AudioCodes also expects that its service-provider customers will benefit, in being able to differentiate their VoIP offerings and increase their Average Revenue per User.

AudioCodes 310HD IP phone
AudioCodes 310HD IP phone

“With our launch of VoIPerfectHD, AudioCodes is creating a whole new market opportunity for the Company’s voice communication business and introducing a key competitive differentiator in our markets,” stated Shabtai Adlersberg, AudioCodes chairman, president, and CEO. “It’s about bringing a new real sense of quality to VoIP communication, enabling improvements to business productivity and clear interpersonal communication between people and across wireline, wireless and cable IP networks.”

Also announced this week—a bit later in the week—is a line of HD-enabled IP phones, the 300HD series.

Synergy Research president and CEO Jeremy Duke characterized AudioCodes’ entry into the IP phone market as “bold and strategic.”

“It enables AudioCodes to address the fast growing market for third party IP phones with the latest developments in high definition voice technology,” Duke continued. “We believe that the second growth phase of the IP phone market is just beginning to take hold, driven by increased deployments of SIP in the enterprise and an increasing number of service providers offering managed VoIP services.”

The 300HD series consists of three models: the entry-level 310HD (see image), the mid-level 320HD with a large monochrome screen, and the high-end 350HD with a large color screen. Power over Ethernet is an option on all three models.

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