Broadband-based VoIP offering from Hughes Network Systems.

“We recently had a chance to talk about Hughes Network Systems’ new VoIP offer with Sampath Ramaswami, a senior director responsible for the development of new services for the North American enterprise market at Hughes. The VoIP service takes advantage of DSL, cable modem and FiOS broadband access to deliver competitively priced VoIP solutions to the distributed enterprise,” writes Network World’s Larry Hettick.

“The VoIP service uses Hughes ActiveQoS to ensure proper treatment of real-time traffic across what would otherwise be a best-effort connection, employing an on-site router that delivers traffic metering, network change adaptation and prioritization to control jitter and latency across the broadband connection. The broadband connection can then be used either to deliver a Hughes hosted VoIP service or SIP trunks for an existing PBX. The VoIP service includes more than 25 features commonly needed by enterprise like caller ID, hunting, voicemail and a managed Web portal,” Hettick writes.

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New VoIP solutions for distributed enterprise

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