Businesses Adopting VoIP, More Hesitant About UC

“The argument for a move to a basic IP telephony solution is a fairly straightforward one — it’s generally cheaper than a switched (PSTN) service. Replacing an old-fashioned ISDN link with a shared SIP trunk provides a good savings before you even consider the benefits of on-net calling between premises. That’s presumably why 23 per cent of respondents to the ZDNet 2010 IT Priorities study saw IP telephony as a priority over the next six months. In the finance sector it’s as high as 33 per cent,” writes ZDNet’s Phil Dobbie.

“Many argue, though, that the real benefits come from the productivity gains of what has historically been termed Unified Communications (UC) — all those neat little tools that let you integrate your computer and telephone, convert voice to text, share corporate directories across multiple locations, see who is online, and much more,” Dobbie writes.

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IP telephony still out of the cloud

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