C2Call FriendCaller: New free VoIP service.

“The first time my family tried Skype a few years ago, we got half the video portion on the Jetsons-like Internet telephony service to work. My wife, traveling overseas, couldn’t see us, but our son and daughter, then ages 5 and 3, were so thrilled to see mommy that they kissed the pixels of her puckered lips,” writes the San Jose Mercury News’s Scott Duke Harris.

“Now making progress is another startup that, like Skype, has European roots, Silicon Valley venture backing and an intriguing advance in the technology known as voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VoIP. C2Call is the developer of FriendCaller, an app available in Apple’s iTunes store that is said to be simpler to use than other VoIP systems such as a Skype and AIM because it eliminates the need for communicating parties to register and exchange user IDs,” Harris writes.

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Harris: C2Call makes VoIP calls easy

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