Choosing Between Hosted Fax-over-IP and an On-Premise Solution

“With a new deployment such as a greenfield site, many customers debate the value of customer premise equipment (CPE) versus a hosted or managed solution. There are pros and cons for both and the line between them can get a little blurry for the uninitiated. I recently spoke with FaxCore’s Max Schroeder to discuss the benefits of a hosted fax service versus an in-house fax server solution,” writes Erin Harrison, executive editor of TMCnet’s Strategic Initiatives.

” ‘For existing sites, the feature/benefit proposition gets even more blurred than for Greenfield sites. Legacy technology can be expensive to maintain and operate so retaining an existing solution may not be as inexpensive as would appear at first glance. Also, an organization may not be able to take advantage of the latest communications and workflow technologies,’ Schroeder said. ‘On the other hand, upgrading the paid-for equipment and software could be an attractive alternative. In many cases, the upgrades are free as they are included in the annual maintenance and support agreement from the manufacturer,’ ” Harrison writes.

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Hosted FoIP Service vs. an In-House Fax Server Solution

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