Clearwire Switching from WiMAX to LTE?

“Clearwire, the nation’s first 4G carrier and a standard-bearer for the WiMAX technology championed by the likes of Intel and Sprint, may be pondering a defection of sorts to the rival Long-Term Evolution (LTE) camp,” writes Andy Patrizio on EnterpriseMobileToday.

“Company executives dropped the bombshell during their quarterly earnings call, saying they that they have changed the terms of their agreement with Intel, one of Clearwire’s (NASDAQ: CLWR) largest investors, so the wireless provider is no longer bound to just the WiMAX technology. Under the original terms of the agreement, Clearwire had to use WiMAX exclusively until February 2012,” Patrizio writes.

“Now the company has the option of dropping WiMAX with 30 days notice or of adding new protocols to its network, such as LTE, the 4G (define) technology that Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile are adopting.”

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Clearwire Could Add LTE to WiMAX Network

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