Covad Rolls Out PBXi Service

Covad has launched a new SIP based VoIP PBX service for companies that already have existing investments in PBXs that don’t want to completely change all of their equipment.

The newly launched PBXi Voice Service from Covad allows enterprises to be VoIP enabled while still using their existing telephone equipment. Covad promises seamless integration of the VoIP PBXi Voice Service with existing phone numbers, equipment, and handsets and claims that users will experience the same sound quality that they are already accustomed to.

In Covad’s estimation, the service will allow users to reduce their telecom operating expenses by as much as 25 percent.

According to Covad spokesperson Pavel Radda, the product was partly the result of customer input. “They have been asking for this type of solution. We had a less robust PBXi product before, but this redesigned PBXi really allows Covad to service even more businesses because we can support both PRI and analog interfaces on the customers phone equipment,” Radda told “PBXi is simple to integrate and has no capital equipment startup costs, which is even more appealing to businesses.”

Covad is offering PBXi in four different bundles and is including a Cisco 2431 IAD, Covad Web hosting and email services, plus local and long distance minutes with the service.

The VoIP PBXi Voice Service complements Covad’s existing hosted IP-PBX service called “vPBX”. Back in November, Covad added some 14 new markets of availability for vPBX. Radda noted that vPBX is currently available in 125 major markets, which represents over 900 cities.

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