Does Clearwire’s Forthcoming 4G Handset Set the Stage for All-VoIP Mobile Service?

“As Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) gears up to offer its first WiMax handsets later this year, it finds itself in unique position among wireless operators. It has no legacy voice service or network to maintain and thus has a clean slate to offer the first U.S. mobile voice service based entirely on voice over IP,” writes ConnectedPlanetOnline’s Kevin Fitchard.

“Chief commercial officer Mike Sievert said Clearwire is definitely investigating offering voice as an another IP service over its 4G WiMax network, and as Clearwire’s footprint grows it could eventually become the dominant voice service on its network, obviating the need for a CDMA 1X connection that will be standard in its initial handsets,” Fitchard writes.

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Clearwire’s new 4G handsets may have a VoIP twist

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