European Businesses: Communications Technology Improvements Are Key to Surviving Recession

Guildford, UK – Research published by Avaya today shows that the level and quality of communication within European businesses, and between them and their customers, partners and suppliers, have worsened significantly during the global economic downturn. Seventy percent of all companies that have been impacted by the downturn confirmed that at least some aspect of communications had been negatively affected, with the trend set to influence the European economy further if no action is taken.

The communication downturn can be seen on all sides. 55 percent said internal communications have deteriorated, 52 percent that communications with their own customers have suffered, and 41 percent that communications from suppliers have worsened. In contrast, of the European companies that claimed to be unaffected by the downturn, only 29 percent have experienced some form of decline in communications capabilities.

Click the following link to read the full report summary: European Businesses Cite Communications Technology Improvement As Key Factor To Surviving Recession

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