Five critical steps to boosting VoIP quality.

“As businesses today embrace converged communications, the need to manage voice over IP (VoIP) quality of service (QoS) and converged network performance has become crucial; however, finding and solving the true cause of VoIP quality and service issues can be frustrating and elusive. All too often, technical teams chase “ghosts” of quality problems that are never resolved and overall converged network services do not support the business or the expected VoIP return on investment (ROI),” writes ReliaTel director Paul Wiggins on TMCnet.

“While VoIP analytics tools provide help, they frequently fail to accurately identify the underlying reasons VoIP quality and service levels continue to disappoint corporate stakeholders, leaving enterprises searching for a solid strategy to boost VoIP quality and converged network service levels in an efficient and cost effective manner. What’s needed to tackle this challenge is a comprehensive approach that not only addresses VoIP specific quality problems, but also the overall converged network environment that often lies at the root cause of VoIP quality and performance issues. To succeed, the approach must encompass five critical steps:” Wiggins writes.

Follow the link below to read Wiggins’ five-part prescription:
Boosting VoIP Quality and Converged Network Service Levels in Five Critical Steps

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