Fring, Skype Engage in War of Words over iPhone Video

“P2P VoIP network Skype and client developer Fring have engaged in an epic slanging match after Fring’s implementation of mobile-data video calling on the iPhone appeared to result in its ousting from Skype,” writes Lewis Page on The

“Fring’s app allows video calling between most smartphones over 3G mobile links as well. However, Fring makes use of other VoIP and IM networks – in particular, of Skype – to actually let its users get in touch with each other, rather as some apps will integrate different IM networks,” Page explains.

“Fring, having made it feasible for iPhone users to place video calls via their phones’ mobile data radios and tariffs, apparently struggled initially with demand on their own equipment and briefly removed Skype functionality delivered via Skype’s API. When they tried to restore it, however, they say that it was found to be blocked from Skype’s end,” Page writes.

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Fring-Skype iPhone slanging match: Telcos v freetards

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