Frost & Sullivan: Google Storms UC&C Market

LONDON – 18 August 2010 – Google, a California-based search and advertising services giant, has been known to employ aggressive acquisitive strategies towards the domination of new markets. A recent surge of takeovers such as Android, 2Web Technologies, Marratech, GrandCentral, Gzimo5, and other innovative communications and collaboration firms, as well as recently developed and launched products, show that the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) market is one of the Google’s directions. Despite being a new entrant, Google, with its proactive approach, abundant capital and human resources, will very likely become a major UCC participant in the coming years.

“Although Google has not officially announced this strategy,” says Dorota Oviedo, Industry Analyst for Frost & Sullivan Unified Communications & Collaboration group, “it is evident that, by continually adding new UCC applications to its portfolio and focusing on integrating them, the company is effectively entering the UCC market. In recent years, Google’s culture of innovation, numerous acquisitions, and openness to third party developers have resulted in a number of product launches in the UCC space, which in addition to Google Apps included a VoIP service (Google Voice), social media tool (Google Buzz), mobile services (Android) and recently abandoned online collaboration platform (Google Wave).”

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Frost & Sullivan: Google Storms Unified Communications and Collaboration Market

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