Fujitsu Launches UC as a Service

Tokyo, October 13, 2010 — Fujitsu today announced the launch of Unified Communications Service, a solution that delivers a communications system environment over the Internet from Fujitsu’s datacenters. The solution will enable efficient and smooth office communications by integrating customers’ landlines, mobile terminals, video/web conferencing equipment, e-mail, and voicemail facilities.

The new cloud-based service will allow customers to use servers that manage the contact status such as being online, in a meeting, or absent; IP telephony; as well as the servers that link PCs with business applications and groupware via a network. This leads to cost and time reductions involved in system configuration. Since Fujitsu manages system operations at its own datacenters, this service helps to reduce operational burdens for customers. In addition, when using the Unified Communications Service in conjunction with customers’ existing business applications, the system’s flexible interface connectivity with Fujitsu’s cloud infrastructures can also improve the efficiency of customers’ business process.

Click the link below to read the full press release:
Fujitsu Unveils Unified Communications Service to Improve Business Productivity By Enhancing Office Communications Efficiency

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