Getting a Handle on Google Voice

“Are you a bit confused about what Google Voice is? Maybe it’s because you’ve heard people talk about this service called Grand Central, a service that lets you route all calls to “you” (all of your phone numbers) and manage and sort them, but then you’ve also heard that Google has released a VoIP solution that is free and sure to kill Skype and Vonage. So which one is it?” wonders Brian Reinholz, on Windows IT

“Well, it’s both. One of the really unique things that Google Voice does . . . is it offers a central hub where you can have all calls route to. And then, you can add a lot of logic to where the calls go from there,” Reinholz writes.

Click the link below to read the full article – and watch the accompanying video:
How Google Voice Works, and a Few Reasons to Use It

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