Google tests number porting to Google Voice.

” Google (GOOG) is testing number portability on Google Voice [update: the associated Web pages were later taken down] which allows users to move their primary phone number to Google and then forward to a new number assigned by their carrier. I did this a few months ago at the invitation of Google and haven’t looked back. I can now forward my calls to my landline, Gmail, my new mobile number and work number at scheduled times and days. I also get free voicemail transcriptions, call recording and line transfers. This is one of those services that becomes immediately useful and also immediately clear that you don’t ever want to live without,” writes Fortune’s Google blogger Seth Weintraub.

“A few important things to note: If you are currently on a subsidized data plan (most of you are) you will incur an early termination fee and your plan will get canceled. The process is similar to moving to another carrier. Also, Google is charging a $20 fee for number porting. As of now it only works on non-corporate mobile phones, meaning landlines and your work phone number can’t be ported, yet,” Weintraub writes.

Follow the link below to read the full posting:
Google Voice makes move to mainstream with number porting

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