Grandstream’s Latest GXP SIP Business Phone

“It wasn’t that long ago when the under $99 space was a barren wasteland. Fearful of market perception, manufacturers scoffed at the thought of offering an IP phone under $99. Then came two new brave market entrants – Grandstream and Sipura. Both introduced entry level IP phones under $99,” writes .VoIP Insider’s Garrett Smith.

Sipura was purchased by Linksys, Smith reminds us, and, in turn by Cisco. In the intervening years every IP phone vendor has gotten into that market with at least one offering, and competition these day is fierce.

“That’s why it should come as no surprise that Grandstream – the one time ruthless ruler of the under $99 space – has announced their new GXP285. The Grandstream GXP285 is not just a sub $99 IP phone. The Grandstream GXP285 is result of years of work that Grandstream has done in this space,” Smith writes.

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First Look: Grandstream GXP285

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