Here Comes HD VoIP

” If you’re wondering what the next big thing is in VoIP, wonder no more; it’s high definition. As with HD TV, the difference between a typical VoIP call and an HD call is a quantum leap in quality, or in this case, call clarity, audibility and an overall better user experience on the phone. Not exactly the kind of thing VoIP, long the butt of user scorn for its walkie-talkie-like, “best-effort” sound quality, is known for. But even skeptics say the sound quality of a proper HD VoIP sounds richer than traditional TDM calls,” writes senior editor Doug Allen on Phone+

“The business case for HD VoIP is simple: with higher-resolution sound, users enjoy a richer service experience, making it easier for the parties on either end of the call to clearly discern and understand each other. This leads to easier and faster communication, which in turn speeds up the overall pace of business,” Allen writes.

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HD VoIP: The Partner Advantage

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